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We provide is involved in and meeting information. It also defines our Mission, Values and Beliefs.


Charity is at the heart of our work and our faith — and it always has been. For the Knights of Columbus, charity means supporting a virtually boundless variety of projects including helping each brother and the community.

Here are Knights and Families of Council 3880 distributing Food and Goods to our community from the Crystal Lake Food Pantry.


The unity of our Order is founded in the sacred unity of our Church, which arises from the unity of God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our unity expresses our belief in one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, and one God and Father of us all.

In October we display Pro-Life Crosses in honor of lives taken through Abortion.


Our bond of Fraternity is not merely a lofty principle. It is the way of life of a steadfast Knight of Columbus strengthened by the Holy Spirit. It is the responsibility of every Knights of Columbus council to be an exemplary model of Catholic fraternity.

Our Knights standing as members of our Fraternity at our Appreciation Dinner.


Members of the Knights of Columbus, be they Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Cubans, Filipinos, Poles, or Dominicans, are patriotic citizens. We are proud of our devotion to God and country, and believe in standing up for both. Whether it’s in public or private, the Knights remind the world that Catholics support their nations and are amongst the greatest citizens.

US Flags displayed by the Knights.

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About Us

We are a two star council that has been in existence for 50 years as of the end of June 2004. We pride ourselves on Family Values, Church Involvement  and community involvement. Visit these links by clicking on them for further information. 

The Fr. McCormick Council's has an illustrious history including 3 consecutive years  as star council - quite an accomplishment which puts us in the top 12 percent of all councils. We are proud of our accomplishments and want to share our heritage with our brothers in Christ. We are a strong council comprised of men from the St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Crystal Lake, IL. Our Newsletter and Web Site are considered by many to be among the best. This last year we garnered another Star Council award. Our members are active in both the parish and council activities. In addition, we participate in all levels of community service and are extremely proud of our heritage as well as that of the Knights of Columbus.  

But the most noteworthy action that this couLife memorial.jpg (117814 bytes)ncil has taken part in over the past years is the establishment of our Right to Life Memorial. What an achievement for our council!  Fr. Geoff Wirth, Council 3880's chaplain, dedicated the right to life memorial funded by Fr. McCormick Council 3880 on Sunday, October 10, 1999. 

The inscription at the bottom, "In celebration of and respect for God's most precious gift of life in all its stages from conception through natural death" encapsulates our belief in the sanctity of life. As Dave Frederick, our council's Right to Life Director, said, "To celebrate life in all its stages...The little script says it all."

Our Mission:

Our mission as a Catholic Men's Fraternity is to provide service and patriotic leadership to our community, service to our church and fraternity for all of our brother knights.

Our Vision:

We believe in the core values of the Knights of Columbus

  • Charity
  • Unity
  • Fraternity
  • Patriotism

In addition, we strongly believe in the following

  • Family Values
  • Service to Community and Church
  • Love of Life

Meeting Information:

Our council is in the Class AA category within the Illinois State Council of the Knights of Columbus. We have over 295 active members. We pride ourselves with out community, church and brotherly service. We were founded 47 years ago this April. Many of the founding brothers are still active and eager participants in our council's activities.

Our meetings are held at 8:00pm at the St. Thomas the Apostle Community Center, corner of IL State Route 176 and Oak Streets, Crystal Lake, IL as follows:

  • Business Meeting - First Tuesday of Every Month

  • Social Meeting     - Third Tuesday of Every Month

We welcome all Brother Knights and extend a warm invitation to join us at our next meeting.

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